Foods that Trigger Migraine Pain

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Migraine is one of the painful forms of a headache and sometimes can even cause nausea and dizziness . There are many factors that trigger it including the food you eat which is why it is said that dietary habits play a great role in a migraine and one of the best ways to prevent it is to know about the ones to avoid. So we bring you the list of foods that trigger a migraine:

  • Chocolate

As per a few studies, chocolate is a common trigger for migraines. It contains caffeine and beta-phenylethylamine that might activate headaches in people. Usually dark chocolate causes a migraine.

  • Alcohol

Drinking alcohol itself is not associated with a migraine but its hangover is. Alcohol causes dehydration which contributes to developing headaches. Avoid drinking beer and wine if you are having headache, it might develop into a migraine.

  • Spicy foods

Green chili or peppers or any other kind of spicy food can trigger the pain. Even too much salty food should be avoided.

  • Frozen foods

Source: South China Morning Post

Eating frozen foods and drinks like ice cream or cold drinks can trigger a severe migraine, they cause stabbing pains in the head. You are more likely to have a headache that can become a migraine if you are eating cold food.

  • Aged cheese

Source Mental Floss

Source Mental Floss

Aged cheese contains tyramine that is formed by the breakdown of protein as food ages. The longer the food ages the higher the tyramine content is. And the tyramine causes a migraine, so you must avoid eating aged cheese. Blue cheese, cheddar, feta, and brie are some kinds of cheese that are high in tyramine content.

  • Caffeine

Intake of too much caffeine and withdrawal of caffeine can cause migraines. Also, caffeine can stop the occurring of oncoming migraines, it can provide headache relief.

Citrus fruits

Along with other high-acid foods, these also sometimes  cause gastric irritation and trigger migraines.

The American Migraine Foundation notes it may trigger severe migraines in 10 to 15 percent of those who experience migraines. Other preservatives may also trigger migraines in some people.