Foods to Avoid when Sick

Source Reader's Digest

During  weather change people often get sick with cold & cough and focus on medicines but simply  ignore to pay attention to their diet as there are certain food items that should be avoided while suffering from cold. So if  you too are under the weather then here is the list of some food items that you must avoid

  • Juices


As per health experts, one person should avoid juices during cough and cold as they have a high sugar content that reduces white blood cells capacity to tackle illness. The acid in them also irritates the throat.

  • Coffee

Caffeine is a big no during a cough & cold, as it further dries out a cough and can cause breathing issues.

  • Fried snacks

As all kinds of fried and processed foods lead to inflammation, that makes the immune system weak, so it is suggested to avoid all kinds of fried snacks.

  • Alcohol

It is advised not to drink alcohol during cold and cough as slows down your entire body including your vital immune cells.Also it trigger an inflammatory response in the body.

  • Dairy products

When you are suffering from cold and cough the intensity of mucus increases so it is suggested to avoid dairy products as they can increase mucus production.

  • Cigarette

This is not a food item but still something that you should surely avoid as it can  have been worse effects on the immune system and respiratory system.