Foods to Help Body Recover a Long Day at Beach


If you are planning your day out at beach it will be an enjoyable yet hectic one because of  the different activities you will indulge in. But don’t worry and restrict yourself  as you can naturally  recover from it by eating too. Here are the foods that are helpful to recover from a long day at beach


It helps to keep the body hydrated. The lycopene in it gives the fruit its red color and is an antioxidant which repairs the damaged body and protects the skin from getting burned (though you still need to make sure to apply sunscreens). Make sure you have it both before and after your beach day.



Summer tomatoes are high in lycopene and Vitamin content that helps to fight against damage from UV radiation. Cooked tomatoes are even better so mix up a quick sauce with onions, garlic, basil, and oregano to enjoy better benefits.


This must be the best healthy breakfast you would ask for but is also good in recovering from the stress of long day at beach. Blend the oats in powder form and pour in your bath tub. Soak for as long as you’d like and you are relieved.

Skim Milk

Dip a cotton ball into a cup of chilled milk and apply on the sun burnt skin. The cold temperature of the milk cools the skin.

Green tea

This tea packed with antioxidants and polyphenols helps the body repair the damaged skin. It reduces inflammation too. Have it along with mint or jasmine for speedy recovery.



Place a slice over each eye and it helps to reduce puffiness. Its antioxidants and flavanoids content decreases irritation and moreover, blend cucumber with yoghurt and honey and apply for some time. It cools the skin and relieves from pains too.


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