Health benefits of Jujube Fruit (Ber)

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Jujube fruit also known as Ber,  red date and Korean date  is mainly cultivated in South Asia. This small sized fruit that can be enjoyed as a dry candy or with masala  is very powerful and packs a healthy punch. The most interesting thing about this fruit is that its more than 10,000 years old and contains powerful antioxidants. Check out some health benefits of eating it

  • Regulates blood pressure

Jujube contains low salt  and high potassium content and these qualities of the fruit make sure that your blood pressure levels are in check. Potassium is helpful in keeping the blood vessels calm and when blood vessels are relaxed, there is smoother blood flow.

  • Aids good sleep

The soothing nature of the organic compounds available in jujube fruit seed is beneficial to calm the body and mind. So, if you are not able to sleep at night then jujube fruit is something you need.



  • Promotes healthy digestion

It is linked to improving the digestive system of the body as its fiber content promotes healthy bowel movement, which prevents constipation and bloating. It also helps to excrete toxic substances that accumulate in your body. It also improves your gastrointestinal conditions.

  • Boosts immune system

This fruit benefits immune system due to its high antioxidant content and presence of various organic compounds and acids. The antioxidants including Vitamin C and A neutralize free radicals and illness within the body therefore boosting the immune system.

  • Blood detoxifier

Jujube fruit contains alkaloids, saponins that are beneficial for blood purification. Ber consists of elements that remove toxic substances from the body and also reduces the stress on your blood circulatory.


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