Health Hazards Of Eating Late At Night

Late-night meals and midnight snacks are fun but its an unhealthy habit as we are wired to be awake and to eat during the day and to sleep at night. Though there can be several factors like stress, consuming unhealthy fats during the day and not eating enough all day long for midnight hunger pangs but you should strictly avoid them because of the following

Disturbed Sleep

People who eat late at night also tend to sleep later, which leads to a disturbed sleep cycle. Secondly eating late at night has also been found to be the reason for confusing dreams at night.

Poor Digestion

Eating a late dinner has been linked to gastric issues, caused due to poorly digested food which may cause excessive acid in the stomach. This is why people are often advised to have a leisurely walk after eating their last meal of the day.

Unhealthy Weight Gain

Your body’s metabolism slows down during night time and is not as effective in burning calories as it is during the day time.

Blood Pressure

Studies have linked high blood pressure or hypertension and higher fasting blood sugar levels with the habit of eating later in the night or having dinner way past the ideal time of 7 pm.

Poor Mental Health

Poor sleep quality caused by gastric discomfort and disturbed circadian rhythm may result in increased risk of depression and anxiety.