Healthy Ways You can Add Chia in Your Diet

You might have heard about the numerous benefits of chia seeds but not everyone knows the different ways you can add this in your diet. Many are not able to eat it directly so here we have listed down the ways you can take these seeds in your meal and stay healthy.

Chia smoothie


Smoothies are already very tasty and adding chia into it would make it more yummy and nutritional. Be it any flavour banana, mango, apple, blueberry etc this seeds will also keep your stomach full for longer hours.

Chia Cake

This is a perfect idea for the ones who love desserts.Put some chia into the cake batter and bake for a perfect evening snack.


One of the healthiest options to go for in breakfast is oats so have a bowl full of fruits, nuts and oats with milk and top it with chia seeds to meet all the healthy needs that your body requires.


Yogurt is a protein rich item that almost everyone should take in their diet. Add some chia to make it crunchy and delicious. Do not go for flavoured yogurts as it has added sugar which is harmful.

Chia pudding


Chia seeds make the puddings thicker and creamy so you can easily add them in it. If you don’t want seeds directly then blend it with milk and fresh fruits.


Be it hot, cold or green tea, you can add chia into it and make your drink healthy and good for metabolism. But always let the seeds rest for one minute in the water and then drink it.