Herbs that help balance hormones

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Our hormones are a chemical substance produced by the body to control and regulate the activity of cells An imbalance of hormone levels causes many problems, especially for women. Hormones control mood, metabolism, digestion, stress, and respiration. There are many reasons for hormone imbalance like not eating a proper diet, medical history, stress, and tension etc. Apart from all this hormonal imbalance causes the very horrible PCOS in women which further leads to many more issues. Exercise is one way to treat problems but there are some herbs also that can balance the hormone levels in the body and keep it healthy. Check them out below:

•    Maca herb (Lepidium meyeni)

Source: Advance Physician Formulas

Source: Advance Physician Formulas

Maca also known as Peruvian Ginseng has been used for centuries by the Peruvian people for fertility, libido and hormonal imbalance. This herb adapts the body’s circumstances and balances hormones depending on the individual’s need. It is also loaded with phytonutrients and zinc, elements that are essential for supporting sexually related hormones. Maca regulates hormones and keeps them in check.

•    Thyme

Thyme enhances the production of progesterone that balances the hormone and provides relief from infertility, depression, hair loss, menopause and sleep problems. Other than this it helps to boost libido also.

•    Ashwagandha (Withania Somnifera)

Source: Giskaa

Source: Giskaa

Ashwagandha is a popular herb and is best known for reducing stress hormones that disrupt endocrine function and prompt aging. It has a balancing effect on the adrenal glands and its effect on the endocrine system makes it an excellent adaptogen that helps in balancing hormones. This herb also reduces depression and improves mood.

•    Raspberry

Source: Pense Nursery

Source: Pense Nursery

Raspberry has a pleasant taste and is famous for its medicinal properties. This herb consists of vitamins and minerals that are helpful in balancing the hormones. It is a kind of urinary tonic that improves fertility, reduces the chances of miscarriage and also helps in decreasing heavy blood flow and pain in mensuration.

•    Astragalus

Known as milk vetch it is Chinese Medicine that is used to treat a wide variety of health issues like liver problems, heart diseases, and asthma. It balances hormones which help in regulating blood pressure and blood sugar levels. Also, this herb is commonly known for its immune stimulating action and anti-aging effect.


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