How to Make A Perfect Pasta

Pasta surely has a place in our hearts as we all enjoy hot and yummy pasta filled with cheese and seasoning. And if you are a pasta lover you must know that it is a time taking process. If you have been struggling for too long in the kitchen making pasta and still haven’t got the perfect one then here are some tips to make a perfect one. 

  • Don’t rinse cooked pasta as it will prevent the sauce from sticking to it. 
  • Don’t overcook the pasta as it spoils the taste.
  • Add oil only when you have rinsed the pasta 

  • Use a large pot to cook pasta because it tends to expand as it cooks. If there is not enough water, it will be mushy and sticky. 
  • Keep stirring, it may sound obvious but this simple step can easily be forgotten. So keep stirring so that pasta doesn’t stick together. 

  • Strain your pasta as soon as it’s done, and don’t let it hang out in the water off the heat.
  • Add salt to the pasta while it is cooking as it tends to absorb the salt adding the right flavor to it. 
  • Pick the right pasta shape for the sauce you’re using.
  • You don’t always need to add extra cheese for taste.
  • Avoid using Indian spices in the sauce.
  • Make a healthy pasta sauce with mixed vegetable pure instead of just tomato.

  • Add your pasta to the sauce and not the sauce to your pasta.

  • Continuously stir your pasta so that there are no lumps in the sauce

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