Incredible Benefits of Coconut Sugar 

There are many alternatives to white sugar and one of them is coconut sugar which is a dehydrated and boiled sap of the coconut palm. Coconut sugar has been trending among health-conscious people because of its low fructose content and low glycemic index. It also has more minerals and antioxidants than regular white sugar and tastes much like clumped brown sugar with a little hint of caramel. It is used widely as a natural sweetener in baking and cooking nowadays. So, today we have a list of amazing benefits of coconut sugar, that will make you switch to it. 

  • High nutrient value 

Coconut sugar contains 16 calories and four grams of carbohydrate per teaspoon. White sugar does not contain any nutrients, on the other hand, coconut sugar is high on antioxidants, iron, calcium, and potassium. 

  • Low glycemic index

The Glycemic index is a measurement of evaluating carbohydrate-containing foods and their impact on our blood sugar and glucose levels. Coconut sugar relatively has a low GI count and high GI foods can cause blood sugar to spike suddenly which can impact the insulin levels. Also, coconut sugar contains a fiber called insulin which is known to slow down glucose absorption.

  • It is not refined 

Coconut sugar is one of the purest natural sweeteners. It does not go through the refining process that regular sugar has to undergo so it is pure and straight out of nature. 

  • Less fructose 

Fructose is a variant of sugar that is quickly converted into fats by our body. Fructose is not easily broken down and only the liver is capable of breaking it down and this complex breakdown leads to the formation of fat. Coconuts sugar contains 70 to 75 percent of sucrose and about 20 to 30 percent of fructose as opposed to white sugar which is high in both fructose and glucose.

  • Healthy for gut 

Coconut sugar insulin has the ability to promote the growth of intestinal bifidobacteria. This bacteria is known to restore the good bacteria in the gut and also boost your immunity.