Lady Finger: An Underrated Veggie

Everyone loves to relish home-cooked food but we often end up changing our food habits when we try to stick to a particular diet. Unknowingly, we ditch many nutritious food items that have so many benefits. One such example is of Okra, which we popularly know as Bhindi.

It is commonly cooked in parts of India and is consumed in the form of pickle, curry, and even baked or fried.  People don’t know that ladyfinger/ okra/ Bhindi has so many health benefits and it should be a part of your diet for so many reasons.  Here are some benefits and nutritional facts about it to know.

Controls blood pressure

Okra contains sodium and potassium which helps in regulating the blood pressure in the body. It is a great option for people who have high blood pressure.

Keeps you full

If you struggle with overeating and are looking for food items that will keep you full then okra is a perfect choice. It contains soluble fiber which keeps you satiated for a long time.

Suitable for diabetics

People who don’t want a sudden spike in their insulin levels can include okra in their set as it helps manage blood glucose.

Helps with gastric issues

Okra helps in managing acidity and inflammation in the stomach. It is great for people who suffer from gastric issues.

Help keep healthy vision

It is a great source of Vitamin A and Beta Carotene which helps in delaying the onset of cataracts.

It is a very versatile dish and you can prepare it in many ways. Try out different recipes ki crispy bhindi, gram flour bhindi, bhindi ki sabzi and much more