Never Store Butter in the Refrigerator

Butter adds flavor to a dish and enhances its taste. While we all keep it in the refrigerator and struggle at the breakfast table next morning but as per a study, butter is the only dairy food that can be kept without a refrigerator. Wondering how and why? Find it out below:

Butter is made in a very different way and that is the reason, it is the only dairy product that can sustain without refrigeration for a week. It is made of 80 percent fat, which makes its water content much lower and less likely to attract bacteria when kept outside. To summarize, butter is made with pasteurized milk that makes it less prone to bacterial growth. The salt used in butter also decreases the chances of growth of bacteria.

And for unsalted butter, remember that it is meant to be refrigerated to increase the shelf life of it.

As per chefs, keeping butter in an airtight container is a great idea and they are safe to use for about a week. The idea behind this is to keep the butter way from oxygen or light to last longer.

Now that you are aware so stop storing butter in the fridge and make it an easy spread at room temperature only. This way it will be easier to apply on bread as well.