Food Combinations to Avoid

It it is important that the food you eat is not only tasty but healthy too. Most of us try to eat healthy and avoid junk

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Desi Keto-Friendly Vegetarian Dishes

When it comes to losing weight eating right is very important and for this various types of diets are trending these days

Best Protein Sources For Vegetarians

An egg is quite small but it has equally bigger benefits as well. Eggs are a rich source of protein and there are many benefits

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Delicious Dessert Recipes With Vegetables

We usually look at vegetables in their authentic way, and can’t think of better ways to cook them. Right? But a vegetable

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Easy and Delicious Avocado Dishes

Avocados are a super trendy food for millennial as they are healthy and delicious. Avocados have a very rich and mellow taste

The Truth about Acai Bowls

There are many breakfast recipes that became popular quickly and the acai bowl is one of them.  Acai is usually recognized

Health Benefits of Cinnamon

In early times cinnamon was precious than gold and was  used as a medicine in traditional Ayurveda. Its benefits are associated

TV Advertising Promotes Poor Eating Habits

According to a study appeared in American Journal of Preventive Medicine, Television advertisements of high-sugar food directed

Why You Should Begin Your Morning with Ginger

Ginger is known to have a strong and spicy taste, the kind which complements chai the best. Apart from its refreshing taste,

Best Snacks to Bring on a Plane

Airports are infamous for expensive meals and snacks and while every major food chain has an outlet at numerous airports