Reason Everyone Must Eat Ghee Daily

Source Krishiveda

Most of the people have a misconception that ghee is unhealthy and causes weight gain so it must be avoided. But as per dieticians and celebrity nutritionist we must eat ghee without fear including patients with diabetes and high blood pressure.

It is suggested to add one tablespoon of ghee to your breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It is also beneficial for women with PCOD, diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, constipation, acidity, weak joints, and inflammatory Bowel Syndrome. Besides this they are other reasons too that you must include it in your diet

1.      By adding ghee to your lunch, your cravings for junk food and evening snacks will be reduced.

2.      It can be really helpful for you if you feel sleepy after lunch or your productivity becomes less in the second half of the day.

3.      It is a rich source of Vitamin K and other antioxidants that helps in boosting immunity.

4.      Adding ghee to your dinner will treat digestion issues and will help improve sleep quality.

5.      People with cholesterol and blood pressure issues can consume ghee as it helps in regulating cholesterol by growing lipids and boosting to metabolism.  

6.      In winters ghee can keep you warm.

7.      It is a great source of energy as it contains medium-chain and short-chain fatty acids that can give you enough energy to go through the day without feeling lazy.

8.      Applying ghee to rotis make them digestible and reduces their glycemic index.

9.      Ghee is also libido boosting as a healthy amount of dietary fat optimizes sex-hormone balance

10.  Consumption of ghee improves the functioning of gut hormone which further enables better secretion of the hormone insulin which in turn helps in managing diabetes.