Signs You are Not Eating Right

No doubt in today’s time many people stay on diet just to stay fit but only few follow a good food plan at the same time. Dieting does not mean that you should eat less but it aims on having in moderate quantity. If you are on a diet then look out for these symptoms to know whether you are eating right or not


The first and the most common sign is tiredness. Every person needs some amount of calories to get energy for better and smooth functioning of body throughout the day. In case you don’t get it as required, it results in weakness, sleepiness and unnecessary frustration.

Hair Loss

Our hair growth depends on the quantity of proteins, vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids that we take. Lack of these nutritional things in the body triggers hair loss and at times even the colour of hair changes.

Always feel cold

To stay healthy every person should have a moderate body temperature for which too some calories are required. If you don’t take them in a sufficient quantity then it makes you feel ill and cold.


Many people have a misconception that depression happens due to extreme stress and tension but the fact is it also because of the diet. Some studies have also proved that low vitamin D and omega- 3fatty acids in body are also a reason of depression.


When a person don’t eat properly, body don’t get enough food to be converted into stools thus it results in constipation. People with low calories have fewer bowel movements and harder too.

Constant Hunger

Diet restrictions make the person feel hungry frequently and also increase the food cravings. It generally happens because the level of hormones that control hunger and fullness goes up and down.