Surprising Health Benefits of Eating Red Meat

Red meats have a bad reputation due to the high amount of cholesterol content and saturated fat present in it. But the truth is that they can help to balance out a healthy diet as adding one or two servings per week can improve your meals.Find out the other reasons that will make you consider adding red meat to your diet plan.

•    Great source of iron

Iron is an important part of a balanced diet as it it helps in making of hemoglobin, the part of blood that transport oxygen around the body to tissues. Red meat has more iron than nuts and leafy vegetables.

•    Increases your protein intake

Protein is essential for growth and development of the body and the protein that red meat provides contains all the amino acid required to build muscle and repair tissue. Include red meat to increase your protein intake as it also helps in weight loss.

•    Adds Vitamin B

Many people don’t get the required dose of Vitamin B in their diet and red meats are rich in B-complex vitamins, so you must include it in your meals.

•    Contains Zinc

One more benefit of adding red meat to your diet is that it provides a good dose of zinc. It helps build muscle mass, promote healthy brains and strengthens your immune system. The average person needs 8-11mg of zinc every day and one portion of red meat contains 5.3 mg of zinc.

Other than these benefits, it is also good for heart health as it contains some healthy fat that our body can use. Red meat doesn’t necessarily deserve its bad reputation as an unhealthy food item, although it’s important that you do consume but in right quantity.