Tips to Fast the Healthy Way this Navratri

Navratri  is celebrated in various ways to honor Goddess Durga and her avatars .It is believed that Goddess Durga comes on earth to be with her devotees for these nine days. Over these nine days, people observe fast, some fast for whole nine days and while others do it for two days.  We know that fasting is a way to show tribute to Goddess Druga, but it is also a great way to detox and reboot your body system as well, so here are some ways to fast in a healthy way in Navratri:

  • Take drinks

As you will be restricted on taking various solid foods, so it is important that you stay hydrated. We advise you to take refreshing drinks like coconut water, buttermilk, lemonwater or just water. Avoid drinking a lot of tea and coffee as it may leave you dehydrated.

  • Skip sugar

In Navratri, people eat rock salt instead of pure salt, so it will be great to avoid refined sugar as well. Though you can take sugar in fasting but try to skip consuming refined sugar. You can go for honey instead.

  • Avoid processed food

While fasting try not to eat processed foods like fries, chips that are filled with unhealthy fats and sodium. The processed food can cause a disturbance in blood sugar levels resulting in overeating. So try to avoid eating them.

  • Have a proper diet

Source Carve Your Craving

Source Carve Your Craving

Fasting means eating specific things, but it doesn’t mean starving the whole day. So always follow a balanced diet, though you have limited options but they are healthy as well.

  • Eat fruits

What can be healthier than eating fruits in fast? Eating fruits will provide a dose of vitamins and minerals and it will keep you energized as well. Eat fresh and seasonable fruits only.