TV Advertising Promotes Poor Eating Habits

According to a study appeared in American Journal of Preventive Medicine, Television advertisements of high-sugar food directed at children promote poor eating habits in them, thereby increasing the risk of obesity. Studies have shown that kids request and prefer brands they see on TV which makes it hard for parents to shape healthy eating habits in our kids.

A s children’s eating habits develop during the preschool years, and children who are overweight by the age of five are likely to remain overweight into adolescence and adulthood. Unfortunately, many young children have diets of low quality and consume too few fruits and vegetables and too much sugar, salt and fat.

We asked few parents too about the same and here is what they think
My son often demands for kinder joy because of the toy. He saw the ads and asked me to get it for him because it is advertised as healthy and has a toy in it, says Kapila mehta, mother of a 4 year old boy.

Whenever my daughter goes with me for grocery shopping she always pick all kind of junk and sweet items and skips her evening snack for them, says Abhiyakti Jain, mother for a 5 year old.

I always give my son screen time in my presence so that I can control the content. I never let him watch those silly ads so that he doesn’t demand the same unhealthy food from me, says Rashi Mehta, mother of a 4.5 year old.

Kid eating cereals

Kid eating cereals

The other day my daughter saw the ad of a cereal brand in animal shape and asked me to get it for her but when I checked the sugar content I was shocked, says Rati Rathi.

The ads are misleading and never show the truth so it is  important to reduce the marketing of high-sugar foods to children to improve their diet quality and reduce the risk of obesity and related chronic diseases among children.


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