Ways to Include More Protein in Your Fasting Diet

Source healthline

The festive season is here and the nine-day Navratri fast has begun. Many devotees observe Navratri fast during this time, where they don’t eat several things like non-veg food, regular rice and foods made with wheat flour. If you are on a weight loss drive and fasting then navratri can be a bit difficult for you. But don’t worry, we have some tips that could help you get a good dose of protein in this festive season. Check out the tips below:

  • Buckwheat is a great source of protein
Buckwheat Dosa
Buckwheat Dosa

As you cannot eat regular grains so kuttu ka atta is a healthy alternative and it will also level up your protein intake. You can eat kuttu ki roti, puri, parantha or dosa.

  • Stay hydrated

Healthy and filling protein shakes may be helpful. Make your shakes with fruits and nuts. Add seasonal fruits to get the maximum benefits. You can also drink buttermilk.

  • Almonds and nuts

Almonds and walnuts have good amount of protein. Whenever you feel hungry munch on almonds and other nuts.

  • Load up milk and paneer

We all know milk and paneer are really good source of protein. There are many dishes in which paneer can be used like curries or salad. You can even go for almond milk or cashew milk.

  • Peanuts

100 grams of peanuts has 26 grams of protein, so you can have some peanuts while you are fasting.