Ways to Increase Your Amla Intake

Source Nishamadhullika

Indian gooseberries or as we call them Amla is loaded with many nutrients such as vitamin C, vitamin A, calcium, magnesium and iron. It is a rejuvenating superfood and has an incredible list of health benefits such as slowing down the aging process, controlling hair fall, reducing dandruff, and balancing stomach acid. You must consume this superfood, in case you are confused on how to consume it then read on

•    Amla candy

One interesting way to consume amla is in the candy form. This sweet and sour candy is loaded with all the benefits of amla and it is best to eat in winters. In this amla pieces are sun-dried and sweetened later. You will get them easily from the market.

•    Amla Juice

Amla juice is an easy way to add amla to our diet and get its benefits. It helps in boosting your immunity and metabolism. You can prepare this at home as well. Drink amla juice every morning for better results.

•    Murabba

In childhood, my grandmother used to give me amla and carrot murabba daily in the morning. Now I know how healthy this sweet and spicy amla delight is.

•    Chutney

In winter amla chutney is a must and best accompaniment to meals. It is easy to make and helps you to extract all amla benefits as well. To make it, grind amla pieces, add some chopped onions and mix salt, pepper, green chilies and coriander in it. The chutney is ready, it is delicious and healthy as well.

•    Powder

One more easy way to induce amla in your diet, take one tablespoon amla powder before meals for good digestion.

•    Spicy pickle

Who doesn’t love pickle with their meal? Start eating amla pickle but make sure its not very oily and spicy.