Why Fats Are Important!

Fats are commonly known as the devil of the food world because people believe that fat is the reason behind weight gaining issues and obesity. This belief holds no truth as fat is an essential food group that should be a part of our diet. Dietary fats serve an essential purpose and keep us healthy.
Here are the important functions of dietary fats that you should know about.

Provides structural support to membranes of cells

To say in simpler words, fatty acids form an external layer of cells and affects its fluidity. It makes the process of endocytosis easier and the uptake of particles from outside of the cell becomes more accessible.

Promotes absorption of vitamins

The micronutrients like vitamins are absorbed into the body with the help of fats. Fat-soluble vitamins like A, D, E, and K are absorbed in the intestine and fatty acids play a crucial role in the process.

Provides energy

Fats too serve as a source of energy in the body although not as the primary one. It provides more energy than carbohydrates and proteins and is stored in fatty tissues of the body.

Plays a role in blood clotting

Fat plays a role in physiological processes like blood clotting wound healing and even inflammation. Food items like fish, tuna, nuts, etc. are healthy sources of fat.

Source of healthy cholesterol

A stable and optimal amount of cholesterol is important in the body. It is a precursor of Vitamin D and also of sex steroid hormones.

These are some important roles of fat in the body. Saturated and trans fat should be avoided. Some healthy sources of fat include cheese (unprocessed), eggs yolk, fish and nuts like almonds.