How to Make Flavored Salt at Home

Bored with your regular salted snacks and wish to experiment a little? There is a way to come up with your seasoning!  Enhance the flavor of your dishes and introduce others as well to a fine mix that goes well with almost every appetizer. 

Here are different ways to make flavored salt at home. 

Lemon salt 

Make a refreshing salt by mixing up the lemon zest with sea salt. Blend them together until you end up with a fine mixture. Sprinkle it on top of potato wedges and grilled chicken. 

Chilli salt 

Mix up chili flakes, paprika or a bit of chili powder and salt together. Blend them well and there you have a spicy mix. Sprinkle some on top of steak or while cooking meat. It will also go well with red sauce pasta. 

Peppered salt 

This is a rather simple mix that you can make using black pepper and salt. It tastes best with khichdi, salad, and even sweet corn. 

Garlic infused salt 

Reap the medicinal benefits of garlic by making this mix. Add garlic cloves and mix them well with salt until you obtain a fine mixture. Add this to sauteed vegetables, french fries and chicken to enjoy the flavors. 

Oregano and lemon zest salt 

Mix up some oregano and lemon zest with salt and add this mix to your salads, vegetables and grilled chicken to enjoy a flavourful meal. 

Rosemary salt 

Mix up some rosemary with salt and blend them well. Sprinkle some on potato wedges and chips.