Your Guide to Protein Shakes

Taking Protein Shakes

In today’s era where everybody is conscious about their health, looks, body and figure; protein shakes are in high demand. Protein shakes repair and helps in developing muscles. There are specific ways and time to have protein shakes for effective results. For those who want muscle power and want to spend quality time in the gym, here are the right directions for having protein shakes:

Why you need to have protein shakes

Proteins help in repairing and growing muscles and proteins are a must for all. Many people take proteins in the form of eggs, chicken etc but these can only fill your daily requirement f you eat at least 3-4 eggs and some chicken too! Gym-goers and people who need that extra protein often retort to protein shakes as they are convenient. They will not fill you up like food and do not imbalance your calories for the day. They are basically of two types of protein shakes Dairy-based and Non-Dairy based ones.

When to have a protein shake:

Take before workout

A pre-workout shake can be consumed half an hour before starting your workout session. You just have to make sure that you start your exercises within an hour as it works effectively. One needs to keep in mind not to have a pure protein-based shake as these shakes are diet specific and not in the long run! Having shakes is not going to do all the stuff for you, work out I the key to increasing muscle accretion.

Good when taken post-workout

A shake after you workout is a good idea too. A protein shake with some carbs catalyzes the insulin spike in the body and thus speeds up the movement of nutrients into your muscle tissue. You just need to pick the right proportion and correct shake for you. You can have whey protein as it strengthens the muscles and reduces stress level.

Best before-bed

Having protein shakes half an hour before bed is a good idea because sleep increases your growth hormones. The other alternative that can help you in case you do not want protein shakes is banana-milk. They are good in stimulating muscle growth while you are asleep.

Do you believe in the consumption of protein shakes?


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