Best HIIT Routines for Beginners

HIIT is now a popular form of cardiovascular exercise that people have started incorporating in their fitness routine. It

Pilates Tips For Beginners

Pilates has become a popular choice for many people and it helps develop strength in the body. Though many people are not

Keto Diet Myths you should Stop Believing

The keto diet is gaining a lot of attention among the fitness people. Keto diet or Ketogenic diet is high in fat and low

Self-Massage Techniques You Must Include in Your Routine

Massaging has various benefits for our body like it helps in reducing muscle tension, stiffness and also increases the

Keto Diet

Common Side Effects of Keto diet

The ketogenic diet is emerging as a new powerful tool to deal with the weight issue. This low carb diet requires a lot of

How Yoga can Help Breast Cancer Survivors

Battle against cancer takes more than just physical strength. Having friends and family around keeps you motivated to fight

Funniest Gym Fails Caught on Camera

No doubt we all get fascinated towards the people who have perfect body but achieving this level of fitness is not that

10 reasons to do a skipping workout

10 Reasons why Skipping is the Best Workout

Skipping is one of my favorite childhood memory, we all remember doing this exercise while playing. For many, like me, skipping

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Should You Really Avoid Cheese To Lose Weight?

Cheese is the most delicious dairy item and foodies all over the world can’t get enough of it! We all love to


What’s the best time to workout?

The time of the day when you workout is important as time impacts on the health. We may think we can exercise whenever we