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Kareena Kapoor is one of the most talked about actress in Bollywood especially because of her sizzling looks and toned body. She is often spotted outside her gym and is always in the buzz because of the hard work she puts in for maintaining a fit body. She has already amazed everyone by the transformation she achieved post her pregnancy and now her recent video with celebrity trainer Namrata Purohit is giving everyone major fitness goals.

Namrata has uploaded a video with Kareena where they both are seen doing a vigorous workout with XCos. At the first glance, many people also assumed that they are working with the DUMBBELLS but Namrata’s clearly mentioned them as Xcos and not the regular weights.

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What are XCos?

Bebo’s latest video is giving us major fitness goals

Source- Times Now

Xcos are the training tools made up of aluminum tube and are held like dumbbells but they are different from it. A person must know the right technique before using it because it may also lead to injury. They are specifically used in dynamic exercises for the whole body and good part about it is that they do not only train the muscles but also impacts the connective tissue and accelerates its growth.

Advantages of XCos training:

  • It aids Whole-body training
  • Helps in the tightening of the body
  • You can use it in indoor and outdoor
  • Good for burning fat
  • You can do it in a group or individually
  • Trains body awareness
  • Acoustic monitoring
  • Individually adjustable
  • Improves rhythm sense