Jacqueline Fernandez’s Intense Workout Regime

Check out Jacqueline Fernandez’s intense workout routine:

Jacqueline Fernandez is passionate about fitness and her trainer Cindy Jourdain explains: “Jacqueline and I met a few years back when she wanted to improve her flexibility. I taught her ballet privately, and our bond developed from there. Born with amazing genes, she possesses a very athletic Sri Lankan physique and, in my book, can pretty much do anything you ask for her,”.

The actress  follows her trainer’s Bootcamp method which involves functionality and pliability for everyday purposes and weight-bearing and resistance exercises that are fundamental for bone and muscular health. This is usually a 75-minute session with a major focus on mobility and warming up.


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Sometimes a talent walks into your life to drive you out of your comfort zone. Good genetic potential and a strong mental drive mean that the work is all on me now to make her even more fabulous… If that’s at all possible @jacquelinef143 🤪Count down has started for something rather LUSH with this incredibly talented and athletic heroine!!! Stay tuned!!!! #cindysbootcamp #functionaltraining #action #stunts #hero #heroine #acrobatics #conditioning #strength #bodyweight #flexibility #mobility #ballet #yoga #crossfit #martialarts #muaythai #training #fitness #coach #kettlebells #trx #workout #motivation #inspiration #nutrition #strongisthenewsexy #bollywood #bollywooddance #bollywoodfilms

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Her trainer also says: “Jacqueline will survive a HIIT class or a weight training session without too much difficulty, but she also really enjoys yoga and different dance styles. I feel we can physically go further with a well-balanced cross-training program, finding two or three training methods or protocols that complement one another to ensure the right distribution of intensity, recovery and overall progress,”

Jacqueline’s fitness goals for this year:

As she is cast in an action thriller opposite Sushant Singh Rajput so she is currently doing skilled based training and acrobatic sequences as well. She also does aerobic and anaerobic training.


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Back at it @cindy_jourdain 💪🏻

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Cindy Jourdain also states that the actress prioritizes her workout. Being an actress she sometimes has busy and unusual schedules but she always recovers for her workout routine. She says: “We both agreed from the start that if she has night shoots, long working days or travel on her schedule and isn’t able to recover properly, we would reschedule our classes together and focus on recovery first. But my best advice for anybody who has a hectic working life is to pre-plan everything such as your work schedule, meals and sleep to avoid too many spontaneous changes. I always tell her that life doesn’t have to be so hard, and maintaining a healthy body is a lot easier than what most people think; we just have to kickstart the machine, train and think smart,”.