Sania Mirza’s Weightloss Journey is Inspirational!

The Tennis Superstar of India is inspiring her fans with her weight loss journey.

Sania Mirza shared her before and after pictures on Instagram and wrote “ 89 kilos vs 63 🙃 we all have goals.. every day goals and long term goals .. take pride in each one of those .. it took me 4 months to achieve this goal of mine, to get back to being healthy and fit after having a baby .. feels like such a long come back and regain fitness and being able to compete at the highest level again .. Follow your dreams.No matter how many ppl tell you, you can’t 😉 cause God knows how many of those we have around us 🙄😅If I can then anyone can”

She was able to lose 26kgs in a period of 4 months, after giving birth to her baby. People were quick to admire her efforts and were supportive. Many even asked her to reveal her weight loss secret.

Some of the comments under her Instagram post read “You have been a winner always! Honestly, you look Fab at 89 as well,” Amazing”,

Sania Mirza is a professional Tennis Player and has six grand slam doubles titles under her belt. She gave birth to her baby boy on 30 October 2018 and has shared many inspirational workout videos on her Instagram previously.