Secret Behind Shay Mitchell’s Fit Body

This is how Shay Mitchell maintains her fitness level

The popular Canadian Model and Actress Shay Mitchell is always in the buzz for having a toned and fit body. She is an inspiration for people who think it’s hard to stay healthy so here some few details to help you have a body like her.

This is how Shay Mitchell maintains her fitness level

She keeps changing her workout routines and does not stick to only one kind of a schedule because she loves trying new things so that it does not become monotonous for her. Some of her favorite workouts are pilates, boxing, hot yoga, hiking, boot camp classes, indoor spinning, outdoor biking, running on the stand, and stadium stair drills.

Mitchell revealed in an interview that she exercises at least 3 times per week and also prefers group fitness classes more than the traditional gym. The actress has done everything from aerial fitness to martial arts. No doubt, she likes experimenting with new things but only when they are safe. She loves all forms and all types of exercise, “I love mixing things up and noticed how much energy I had when I boxed on Monday, did a spin class on Wednesday, and some sort of interval training on Thursday,” said she in an interview.

She also added “I swear by combining weights and cardio in the same hour. I like to do cardio to start off my workout and then mix in some weights — it can even be your own bodyweight. I like to do planks or lunges with a weight. But I think it’s that switching back and forth that is so important,”.

No matter where she travels she does not miss her exercise and do it at the Hotel gym. She also keeps a jump rope and sliders with her so that if there is no heavyweight to lift she can do it with them. She believes that you can manage everything and find anyway if you have spark to do it. In absence of equipments she does sprints or find a staircase to climb.

“I like to work out four to five times a week, “but that doesn’t always mean in a gym. It can mean taking my dog for a walk or hike. Or I might jump on a bike and ride that from Santa Monica to Venice.” says Mitchell.

The best part about all her Insta videos and pictures are that they are so energized and intense which literally give goosebumps. Check out some of them below:

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Sweating is great but a sauna in a “Buttah” suit is better… 😅

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BATTLE ROPES because burritos won’t work themselves off 📸 @samrobles

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And no I didn’t buy this basketball just for this photo… (😉) Tag a friends who plays in heels too!

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