Annoying Things Almost Every Body Builder Does

Building good body is not that easy and often turns into obsession. From drinking unlimited supplements to always having eggs, there are many things that a Body Builder always does. The major difference is some do it in balanced way while others just cross all the lines. So, check out some of the most annoying things that almost every body builder does:

  • Always crib about food and calories.They just want to stick on meat or eggs.
  • Supplements are the most important thing for them.
  • They keep on pulling up their T- shirt to see their abs and cuts.
  • Wear skinny clothes without even thinking whether they are really looking hot or funny in them.
  • Their social media is full of their pictures while showing off their body. Though there’s nothing wrong in it but, everything looks good in limits.
  • They have some problem with full sleeve and half sleeves shirt so they always carry vest or racer backs.
  • Try to impress girls by sharing their shirtless images and flaunt unnecessarily.
  • Hates when their girlfriend says anything negative about their work out.
  • Avoid late nights as sleep mentally recharges them for their next training session.
  • They are always spotted in gym.
  • Unlimited trays of eggs can be seen in their kitchen.
  • Wear weird underwear and get their pictures clicked as if they are the hottest.
  • Change their way of walking whenever they see people around.