Best Post-Workout Recovery Drinks to Try at Home

 The process of recovering from a strenuous workout continues even after you are able to catch a breath. The muscles in your body repair and grow and hence it is important to consume food items that will help your body recover. Post-workout drinks can be easily made at home and are better than the packaged ones. You can not only monitor the ingredients but are cost efficient too.

Here are some post-workout recovery drinks that can be easily made at home

Fruit smoothie

It is very common to reach for fruit soon after your workout. Adding these fruits in a smoothie can help you recover better. Add fruits like Banana, berries or any other fruit of your choice to plain yogurt and blend it. You can also add coconut water to change consistency.

Coconut water

If you do not feel like putting in efforts and making a drink after your workout, you can opt for coconut water as it is a great source of electrolytes. Your body loses electrolytes when you exercise. Coconut water is rich in nutrients and is low on calories hence it is the best option for people who are trying to cut back on excess calories.

Green smoothie

Vegetables are just as helpful when it comes to post-workout recovery. Make a drink out of Banana, spinach, kale, pineapple and almond milk. This is a highly nutritious drink and can be consumed daily.

Chocolate milk

You would be surprised to find chocolate milk on this list but it’s true, it is a great post-workout recovery drink. Add one tablespoon of unsweetened cocoa to milk and voila! You have a quick mix that can help restore the electrolyte balance in your body.

Protein shake

This is the best option for people who struggle to consume enough protein. A protein shake is easy to make easy to digest. You can add protein powder of your choice to either water or milk and can even have it on the go.

Here are some post-workout recovery drinks that you can try at home. Make sure you keep an eye on the quantity of each ingredient.