Budget workout tips: Make these homemade Weights


Weights are essential for improving your strength and fitness but it is not possible for everybody to workout in gyms. In fact, buying a variety of weights can be an expensive affair too! So here is how to make weights out of common household items to help your home workout sessions.


Dumbbells from plastic bottles

Refill your plastic bottles with water or you can also put pebbles or sand in them. When filling them make sure that the weights are same for both your hands. Exercise with them the same way you would have done with dumbbells. Make sure you fill them to the top as air will make the sand or water move. Also, tape the top to make sure it doesn’t open mid-workout.

Make a medicine ball from a basketball

Take a basketball and make a hole into it. Place a funnel in the hole and fill it with sand or pebbles until you get the weight you want. After filling and closing the ends you can use them for weightlifting.

Bicycle tyres/pexel

Bicycle tyres/pexel

Bicycle tyres for hand weights

Take the inner tube of a bicycle and cut it into equal lengths, attach one end with duct tape, and then fill the tube with sand closing the other end with duct tape too. You can either leave them flat or bend them into circles as per your requirement. One can make this in different sizes and weights, start with 1 or 3 pounds and this way you can make your best pocket-friendly homemade weights.

Arm weights with water bottle

It requires multiple bottles to be attached to your arms like wrist weights. Before putting them on your arms, fill it with sand and if you want heavier weights, add water after you fill them with sand. After filing tighten the bottles all the way around your forearm with tape without letting the tape touch your skin.

Make a barbell with water bottles

Take some pack of bottles and duct tape them symmetrically to an iron bar which you can grip easily. This barbell will be a good one for exercises at home.