Exercises to Reduce Armpit Fat

Source femnique

We focus more on butts, abs and legs but you should not neglect armpits during a workout. The fat stored at armpits is easily visible when you lift your hands or wear sleeveless. So here are some top 9 armpit fat exercises which can reduce as well as tone the muscles so that the fat would not hang and get tightened. We tell you few exercises to lose armpit fat so that you can wear any dress that you wish to

·        Jump rope

Jumping rope is a great way to work your shoulders and back. Turn the rope with your wrists only. try to do maximum as possible at one go.

·        Push-ups

Push-ups are one of the most effective exercises against armpit fat. Doing push-ups daily will surely help you lose armpit fat. Just make sure you do the push-ups correctly.

·        Chest press

This exercise works for chest, arms and the shoulders. Lie on a bench, hold weights and slowly raise your arms and bring the weights up until your arm is almost straight. Bring the weights back to the original position with your arms bent and repeat this.

·        Superman hold

The superman hold is one of the most popular back exercises. It is a wonderful bodyweight core move that works for back and also stabilizes its muscles. Lie face down with your arms extended up alongside your head. Engage your core and lift to your arms, chest, and legs off the floor. Hold for 20 seconds, then lower and repeat.

·        Plank

Doing planks is a great way to improve your flexibility and strengthen your complete core.

Arms Cycling

Arm circles help in toning the armpit area and along with that your shoulders and back also get toned up. 

Chest Press Exercise

This exercise aims at toning the armpit fat bra area through chest press and it also tones the shoulders and arm muscles.