Reasons To Love Rowing


Rowing has been proved  better than many other cardio exercises as while performing it one stretches nearly all the muscles from shoulders to the calves. This workout includes improving your cardiovascular fitness, achieving goals  and  enjoyment  at the same time. We give you more reasons to start your rowing classes today.

It burns calories

Like any other fitness class, in rowing too you burn many calories(approx 800/hour). When compared to other exercises that take the same time, rowing burns much more calories than any other as it includes the whole body’s efforts.

Improves body posture

Because in rowing we pull the handle back against resistance and weight which these forces the shoulder to open up with the chest too using shoulder and back muscles. It further helps to stand taller and is good for those who have a bend back.


Good stretch for the back

As in this workout one stretches the back more and more, it is effective to aid back pain. Doing the exercise continuously you’re able to stretch far better and without any pain or pulling muscles.

Rowing carves abs much better

Most people think that sit-ups and push-ups are one of the best for making abs, but in rowing, the abdomen is contracted to help complete the movement making it way better than other abs exercise.

It is a stress buster

Rowing is a great way to release stress with physical activity. With enjoying the calm tranquil water you get to be fit, what else would one want!

Improves flexibility

Since in it the muscles are stretched and joints move altogether, it promotes flexibility and mobility.

Solo or social rowing

Rowing is great if you are interested in solo sports and just relaxing and training by yourself.