Signs That Show You Are in a Perfect Shape

Working out not always gives you the result you want as the doors for improvement are always open. However to know whether you are in good shape or not, here are some signs that you must note. All these are a true indication of fitness which in return gives you the satisfaction you are looking for:


1- The most common sign that shows your fitness level is flexibility. Thus, if you can touch your toes easily without bending then you are in perfect shape.

2- Doing plank is not easy however if you can hold it for 180 seconds or more it’s great.

3- If your Body mass index ( way of measuring body fat based on height and weight ) comes under the category of healthy.

4- If you can do maximum pushups in lesser time without getting tired then you need not worry.

5- Lower heart rate is a sign that showcase you have a killer shape and also a healthy body.

6- You can get up immediately without taking any support.

7- You can jump at least 8 feet without any problem.

8- Can do more than 120 crunches in 2 minutes. It’s quite difficult to do, so go for it slowly and don’t panic.

9- If you can climb minimum 75 stairs without getting heavy breathe.

10- You are never afraid of trying any new type of workouts.