Things Every Girl Tells Their Gym Trainer

Girls always want to look beautiful so they are always extra cautious about their weight. Even if they are sweating hard their list of questions is never-ending and the gym trainers are well aware about it. They are tired of hearing some repeated things from almost every girl and if you too want to know then read on

1- I will not lift heavy weights as I don’t want to look muscular.

2- When will I start losing weight? It’s still the same.

3- I just have one month to go lose weight so tel me some weight loss tips.

4- I had pizza for lunch so I will only do more of cardio today.

5- Why am I not loosing my face fat?

6- Give me diet plans that will keep me full all day, I can’t stay hungry for a long time.

7- What kind of steroids should I take?

8- I want hips like Kim Kardarshian so what all excercises should I do.

9- This workout is not giving results so please change it.

10- Won’t I gain weight after if I drink protein shake everyday.

11- When will you give me cheat days?

12- What should I do to get abs.