Things You Need to Know About Squats


Most of us do squats to get that perfect booty and take it only as a butt exercise. But it does carry many other benefits too and has much more to offer than just being a butt-building workout. Here we bring the things one needs to know about squats!


They reveal muscle imbalances

Squats tell a lot, ranging from the body’s structure, strength and its weaknesses. It surprises you in many ways as it tells much you didn’t know about your own body.

They are also a core exercise

When we do squats, we are forced to engage the core for stabilization. The best type of squat that challenges the core is Goblet Squats. You can perform this by holding a kettlebell or a dumbbell in the front of the chest that holds you upright while you perform it.

These are not the single butt-building exercise you can try

It is commonly believed that squats are the way to a better butt, but it is not only the single exercise for it. One can also try working outs like deadlifts, hip thrusters, split squats etc.

Squats also works out your back

Doing squats you try to keep yourself stable during the lifts, thus it is helpful for your backside. It serves for multi-purposes like toning and strengthening the back and legs and building abs too.

Burns more Fat

Heard of gaining more muscles to burn fat? Yes, it actually works as this is the most time-efficient ways to burn calories faster. The extra muscle you gain is the additional 50-70 calories you burn.

Maintains body’s balance

What builds the mobility and balance of the body? Of course, it’s the legs. Doing squats you work on your core and in stabilizing muscles that further helps in maintaining the body’s balance.

Protection from diseases

When we perform squats our muscles participate in the regulation of glucose, lipid metabolism and insulin sensitivity. These help the body against obesity, cardiovascular diseases and diabetes as well.


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