10 Reasons why Skipping is the Best Workout

10 reasons to do a skipping workout

Skipping is one of my favorite childhood memory, we all remember doing this exercise while playing. For many, like me, skipping was a favorite playing game little did we relate it to working out. Skipping is now a new age trendy exercise. As we grow up our rope go missing from our routine but do you know that skipping is the most effective fat burning workouts? Today we are going to tell you 10 reasons that will make you bring back the rope exercise in your routine.

10 reasons why skipping is the best workout

1. 10 minutes of skipping rope is equal to running one mile in 8 minutes. One hour of skipping can burn up to 13,000 calories.

2. Skipping burns more calories as compared to running. Moreover, unlike running, you do not have to go out for and skipping can be done inside when the weather is terrible.

3. Skipping is one of the most inexpensive forms of exercise. You can buy a good rope for less than 100 INR.

4. It is a full body workout and it improves footwork, balance, agility, and coordination. It uses your abdominals to stabiles the whole body.

5. Skipping helps to improve heart rate as it enhances cardiovascular health. And it is also beneficial for blood pressure patients.

10 reasons why skipping is the best workout

6. It is a suitable workout for all levels of fitness as you do it according to your pace.

7. A regular skipping session helps in muscle toning as it’s a bodyweight exercise.

8. Skipping is a weight-bearing exercise and thus improves bone density.

9. It also increases flexibility of the body

10. Skipping is a travel-friendly exercise. You can carry the rope in your bag and do it anywhere. Anyone can perform it. All you need is one rope and an area to burn your calories.

You can take most of the benefits from skipping. What are you waiting? Start skipping right now!!