5 High Tech Ways to Lose Weight

Science has come a long way with advancement in technologies and ultra-modern techniques coming up every day.  Double chin, belly fat etc. are a big cause of worry for people nowadays and this makes them go for hectic exercises and workouts in the gym regularly. But today we tell about  some high-tech ways to lose weight which can save you from sweating down in the gym.

Extra fat

Ultrasound melting

This technique received FDA approval last year in the US for melting up extra fat and even being safe. This process is performed in three sessions and takes a time of 10 to 15 days. With this technique, you can get a flatter stomach  with cutting out your belly fat. You need to follow a post-procedure instruction for a week after getting ultrasound melting.

Digestion mimicking pills

These pills make the fat burning system work faster.  The pills are made in a way to stay only in the intestine so as to avoid side effects. It is absorbed by the digestive system and not by the bloodstream to avoid side effects. The pill makes you feel full by the stomach and thereby kick starts the process of fat loss. It is said that the pill gives you the benefit of weight-loss surgery in a pill form, so you are safe from getting under the knife.

Man with double chins

Hot Shots: ATX-101

It is an injection that helps you remove your unwanted fat, double chin and in losing weight. ATX-101 helps in reducing the molecules that cause double chin. Not only does it helps in this but also destroys the fat cells and saves you from wrinkles too.


In this 60-minute session  a high-intensity ultrasound machine helps you erase pounds of weight. It includes a procedure where molecular vibrations heat the underlying tissues and even kills adipose cells. Rather than wasting hours and months with a doctor and in the gym, this is a speedy solution to get rid of extra fat.

Workout in a bottle

Nestlé is trying to come up with a bottle up exercise for consumers at its institution of Health Sciences. Researchers in this institution has come up with a gateway to develop a fat melting drink which affects the same way as a workout. This enzyme is especially for those who cannot do hectic workouts for decreasing weight.

Always consult an expert before going for any such treatment for weight loss. 


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