Simple Ways to Stay Fit at Work

source GQ India

A sitting and all day desk job mean weight gain as on an average we sit at least 9.3 hours in a day and this lack of physical activity creates a lot of health issues. Considering the time one spends at work, it becomes difficult to work out. However, working out is necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle so we bring some ways to stay fit at work:

  • Walk

In the lunchtime or whenever you get some free time do some walking. Staying in a chair all day will not do any good to you. Make a routine to regularly go on a walk for at least 15 min after lunch, this little change will have a good impact. Instead of calling your colleague, walk up to their floor or desk.

  • Take the stairs

Source Freepik

Source Freepik

Taking the stairs is a great way to burn calorie, increases your stamina, build endurance and strengthen leg muscles. Skip the elevator and climb stairs but if your office is at higher floor then prefer taking take stairs half way.

  • Drink less coffee

Yes we know coffee has caffine which boosts you up at work, but the truth is having too much coffee is bad. Instead of having too much coffee, just have one cup of it and switch to green tea.

  • Quit smoking

For many it is a stress buster but remember its harmful effects. Smoking is injurious to health and the time of smoking breaks can be used for stretching.  You will find positive changes in your lifestyle after you quit smoking.

Source HOF chairs

Source HOF chairs

  • Stretch

Hours of sitting and working on a laptop or system harms creates a bad posture of the body which leads to cervical or other problems. So a simple stretching after a few hours can help you avoid all these issues. After two hours of working on a computer, you must stand and stretch. This way you will feel fresh too.