All you need to know about Pegan Diet

Pegan Diet

There have always been debates on what a perfect diet plan is! Some diets are even endorsed by celebrities but that too often makes one clueless on how to follow it. In the growing list of diets, a new one known as Pegan is gaining popularity. It is a crossbreed of two diets known as paleo and vegan and is something that totally relies on plant-based foods and paleo is of heavy meat consumption. It emphasizes eating whole, unprocessed foods.

Pegan Diet:

Founded by Dr Mark Hyman ,  Pegan Diet works on vegan principles to create a new plan. It is based on the 75/25 rule, where 75% of it consists of fruits and vegetables and the remaining 25% is of protein and heart-healthy monounsaturated fats.

What to eat:

When on this diet avoid veggies such potato, sweet potato, corn and go for non-starchy ones. For the intake of protein, you can choose a combination of animal and plant-based foods. Healthy fats are also a must in which it is necessary to include omega-3 rich sources that can be taken from fish, olive oil, nuts, avocado etc.

Foods to avoid:

Dairy products need to be avoided on Pegan Diet. However, its alternatives or plant-based milk products like almond milk and soy yoghurt are allowed. Wheat based products are also excluded and only quinoa and brown rice that too in limit is allowed. The diet plan also discourages artificial colors, flavors, and sweeteners intake.


Since the intake of dairy products, processed foods, wheat-based products are excluded,  it has incredible benefits. It helps to stay away from sugar, pesticides, antibiotics, eat mostly plants, fruits healthy fats etc making it a good one.