Alteration in Meal Time Results in Weight Loss

Research proves: Alteration in meal time results in weight loss

 Weight is one of the major issues that most of the people are currently dealing with.  Recently a research by Dr. Jonathan Johnston from the University of Surrey proved that changing meal times results in weight loss. During the study, two groups were divided,  half of the people were asked to delay their breakfast by 90 minutes and have dinner 90 minutes earlier than the normal time they eat. The second group was asked to have their breakfast and dinner at the same time that they daily take. After this, all the people gave their blood sample during this 10-day intervention and at last, after completing it they were given a feedback questionnaire to fill.

Research proves: Alteration in meal time results in weight loss

It  was observed that people who made alterations in their meal times lost weight twice than the one who stayed on the same time. No restrictions for eating were imposed on the contestants but still due to the moderate changes in diet they overall ate less than the other group . During this examination researchers also tried to find whether fasting diets are compatible or not.

Dr Jonathan Johnston, said, “Although this study is small but it has provided us with invaluable insight into how slight alterations to our meal times can have benefits to our bodies. Reduction in body fat lessens our chances of developing obesity and related diseases, so is vital in improving our overall health.”

So, it is believed that if you will slightly change your eating time it will help you in reducing weight and will also keep you protected from health problems.


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