Annoying Things That Happen When You Go to Gym

No doubt exercise is the best thing that you can do for fitness but at times things do not always seem great. The daily routine of your gym can even make you irritated and mostly everyone forms a love-hate relationship with it. So, here are such frustrating things that happen while you are working out:

Unnecessary gossiping

No matter whether on the treadmill or  doing crunches, some girls can never leave their habit of gossiping.

Sweating like a flood

Already workout results in sweating and when its summer things become worse, it’s all wet, sticky and stinky.

Unwanted Injuries

Trying new exercises and machines at times results in injuries that you may not have expected.

Competing with everyone

You try not to be jealous or compete with anyone but still end up in showing that you are better and faster than everyone.

Get tired

Although exercise gives us positive energy but at times too much of efforts make us so tired that we can’t help it out.

Hair gets wet

At the end of your workout, your hair goes wet and you have to shampoo frequently which is too irritating.

Look Funny

Get embarrassed when seeing in the mirror while doing any exercise and keep thinking that how silly the others would be finding me.

Junk Food Craving

Feel bad when see others enjoying yummy burger and noodles whereas you have to choose a salad for your meal.