Benefits and Risks of HIIT Training

Source- Men's Health

High- Intensity Interval Training is becoming increasingly popular amongst fitness enthusiasts and people who are trying to find a regime that will help them see results.  HIIT was pretty much trending this year as the most well-liked form of training.  Many fitness experts recognize it as a safe and effective form of training. However, it should also be mentioned that you are not required to do HIIT exercises daily as your body will need sufficient time to recover after each session.

To understand better if HIIT can be your ideal form of training, here are a few benefits and risks involved in HIIT training that you need to know-


Helps in burning fat at a faster rate

HIIT is known to be effective in burning excess fat from the body.  Performing an exercise at high intensity for a short period of time increases the metabolism for the entire day.

It can be done quickly and at any place

Since HIIT involves performing at high intensity for a short period of time, these laps are usually wrapped up quickly and you don’t have to be in the gym necessarily for it.

It improves heart health

It improves cardiovascular health and reduces the risk of developing any heart problem.


It can cause soreness in muscles

Since your muscles are working more than usual, the exertion is more and hence your body needs time to recover.

You may feel dizzy

The blood pressure can drop quickly between your increasing and decreasing speed and hence you may feel dizzy by the end of your workout.

Risk of injury is involved

Not focusing on form and technique can result in serious injuries and discourage people from taking up HIIT

Here are a few benefits and risks of HIIT training. Another thing that should be noted is HIIT training is not for everyone. If you are a beginner talk to a trained professional before starting.