Dumb Questions Gym Trainers are Tired of Hearing

People join gym to stay fit and most of the time their queries are obvious but still many times they forget to use their common sense. From diet to the workout machines here we have listed the dumbest questions people generally ask from their fitness trainers.

1- I just want to lose my belly fat so can I only do cardio for 1 hour every day?

2- Should I stop eating carbs at all?

3- How much workout is required for my body?

4- How many months will it take for me to reach my fitness goals?

5- Should I lift heavy weights or go for the lighter ones first?

6- I ate a lot of junk food this weekend so can I do extra workout so that it does not affect my body?

7- I want to lose 5 kgs every week. Is it possible?

8- How come my best friend eats more than me but still she is slimmer?

9- Can I have heavy food in breakfast and then just go for liquid diet in evening and night?

10- Is taking supplements a good option?

11- I am having a back problem, so is it a good idea to lift heavy weights?

12- I just want to lose my face fat so will you help me in doing that

13- Can you give my an easy diet?