Eating Like A ‘Snake’ Can Help You Lose Weight

Here is all about bizarre weight loss fad:

These days people are getting worried about their health and are looking out for ways to maintain it. However, in the spirit to get a fit and healthy body people go for various  bizarre methods too. After keto diet, a new fad has come up which is snake diet(The diet is basically a combination of intermittent fasting and a ketogenic diet). This flexible fasting promotes a proactive eating routine”. Cole Robinson- the founder of the diet says it is better than the ketogenic diet as the main objective of the diet is to fast as long as possible.

The trainer Robinson tried it out first and after getting positive results he named it as snake diet because the diet pattern is very similar to that of snakes.According to him, the diet helps in losing weight while still maintaining strength. In this diet, people eat once in a day and then fast for next 24 to 36 hours. For example: if somebody starts snake diet today, they will not eat anything until tomorrow morning.

The next morning, the person can eat anything followed by fasting again. As per him fasting process resets the body and let it use the extra stored fat in the body. The website says that one should start the diet with 48 hours fast and involves a crucial step which helps in detoxing. The followers should have Snake juice  as it helps lose few kilos in starting as the calorie intake is restricted and snake juice helps maintaining  the balance during the fasting period.

How to make: Mix 2 tsp of  Himalayan pink salt, 2 tsp of no Salt in 1 litre of water. This  gives you the electrolytes you need for the day.


The biggest con is that it might lead to binge eating which further leads to overeating.



Every diet has its pros and cons so do your research properly before starting one.