How to fast healthy during Navratri

Navratra Thali

Navratri has begun and these nine days are considered to be very auspicious in a Hindu household. While many people abstain from non-vegetarian food and alcohol during this period, several other practice fasting as well. But apart from religious belief sattvik eating for nine days reboots the body giving it the much needed cleanse from junk, processed and heavy foods. For healthy fasting you have to keep following things in mind.

  1. Don’t starve and to eat small meals as small meals help maintain blood glucose levels and ensure you are fuelled up to go through the day.
  2. Eat a lot of bananas packed with potassium as they are healing and energizing.
  3. Keep yourself hydrated by having fluids like coconut water, green tea, buttermilk and lemon water.
  4. Instead of having fried food opt for baked, steamed or grill food. Also try to pair foods high in carbohydrates like potatoes and sabudana with other fibrous vegetables like capsicum, tomatoes, spinach and cabbage.
  5. For munching pick a fruit or roasted lotus seeds instead of potato chips.
  6. Eat samak rice as its easy on your digestive system and can be enjoyed both sweet or salty.
  7. Stay off refined sugar and substitute it with healthier alternatives like jaggery or honey.
  8. Try and keep salt intake to the minimum, add lemon, green chillies, mint & coriander to enhance the flavor of food.Potatoes
  9. Plan your meals wisely, instead of making potatoes bhaji all the time make use of other vegetables like pumpkin, lauki (bottle guard).
  10. Indulge in some breathing exercises (like yogic pranayam) and meditation.
  11. Try having more of yogurt , smoothies and fruits with seeds & nuts which would fill you up and maintain required fluid level.