Few Tips to Stop Binge Eating

We all love food  but eating too much in one go or consuming too many calories in one day is unhealthy. Eating a lot of food can lead to weight gain and it can further put you in a state of binge eating. Binge eating disorder is one of the most common eating disorder in which you eat a large amount of food even when not hungry. Binge eating can damage the health of people and make them fat. If you too binge eat then you must stop yourself and if you find it difficult then we have some tips that can help you to stop binge eating. Check out the tips below:

  • Do not skip meals

One of the most effective ways to stop binge eating is to set an eating schedule and sticking to it. When you skip meals you crave for more food which increases the risk of overeating. Be it smaller, large or frequent meals but a set routine. This will surely help you to stop binge eating.

  • Drink plenty of water

Staying hydrated throughout the day will help you stop overeating. Several studies have also shown that increased water intake can result in decreased calorie consumption and less hunger. Drinking water whenever you feel hungry will also keep you full.

Source CBC

Source CBC

  • Always eat breakfast

Breakfast is the most important and first meal of the day and having a healthy breakfast might reduce the risk of binge eating later in the day. Eating right food items can keep you full for a longer time and reduce hunger throughout the day.

  • Do yoga

We all are aware of the benefits of yoga in reducing stress and enhancing relaxation but studies also show that yoga can inspire healthy eating habits and reduce the risk of overeating.

  • Include more fiber in your diet

It is said that as the fiber is digested slowly it helps in keeping the stomach full for a longer period of time. More fiber intake cut cravings and reduce food intake and appetite, which further stops you to do binge eating. A few fiber-rich foods that you can eat are fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.