Fitness Habits that are Hurting Your Workout

Fitness Habits

Achieving fitness goals seems next to impossible many times, so we work hard to attain it. But on the way to achieve those fitness goals we many times do things that effect our workout results and hampers our health too. Here we have the things we do that are not good for the workouts we practice. Check them out to make sure you do not do the same.

Workouts Empty Stomach

It is said to fuel up the body before starting an exercise. It was believed that exercises should be done empty stomach but that’s not true as one needs to eat something  before starting with the workout. It is advised to have glucose or a fruit especially an apple or banana as it gives the body the energy it requires to perform the exercises.

Too much Cardio

Undoubtedly, cardio helps to burn a lot of calories but it is also true that too much of cardio results in pulling the strength down. It is also said that if someone is on a strict diet plan and combines it with more of cardio; it causes loss of muscle tissue. Instead of cardio training try focusing on strength training with looking after the diet as well. This way the body is not hurt and the fitness with strength is also maintained.

Protein-Deficient Diet

Do you workout daily? For those who do it on a regular basis, it is important to focus on their protein intake. Having protein, the body is helped to recover from hectic training sessions and it also helps to build stronger muscles. It is advised to include protein-rich food in each of the meals daily.

Eating the wrong food

Many people feel that skipping the meal can help in losing weight. Wrong! Thinking of fitness and not eating the right diet and at the right time would not help anyway. Your body is prepared to convert glucose into glycogen soon after a workout session so you need to serve it with some rich nutritious food at the right time before and after exercises.

Bad form

Just exercising is not enough. The right posture and the right guidance are equally important. Exercising wrong way can injure you and eventually minimizes the effect of the workout. Thus ask for help to ensure your work out is done the right way and to assure it does not hurt your fitness habits.