How to Deal with Weight Gain During Menopause

Menopause is a difficult time for women as they have to deal with many changes and fluctuating hormone levels. Along with irregular menstrual cycle and reduced production of estrogen and progesterone, women also have to deal with hot flashes and changing moods.  If this wasn’t enough, women also may put on weight during this period.

Here is what causes this to happen: 

Fluctuating level of estrogen in the body: Reduced production of estrogen in the body may slow down the metabolic rate in women. While the caloric intake remains the same, the body starts to store extra calories as fat. 

Loss of muscle mass: Women start to lose muscle mass with age and loss of it makes it easier to gain weight. 

Lack of physical movement: Since the metabolic rate decreases and muscles lose mass, women may not feel encouraged to keep exercising so an inactive lifestyle also makes women gain weight. 

How to maintain weight during menopause 

While you may gain weight during menopause, there won’t be a drastic change, depending on your lifestyle. There are ways to keep your weight in check and take care of your health 

Eat healthily: Try to include as many fruits, vegetables, nuts, legumes, etc. in your diet as possible.Cut back on a few calories, without starving yourself. Make sure to include nutritious food in your diet and the ones rich in fiber. 

Exercise: Try to move and include exercise in your habits. This will keep your metabolic rate up and staying active can make you feel refreshed and motivated. 

Keep cravings under control: While it is absolutely fine to indulge in sweet treats from time to time but make sure you find the right balance between calorie-dense food items and the ones of high nutritional value.