If Your Boyfriend is a Fitness Freak!


In today’s time almost everybody wants to stay healthy and fit but maintaining that level of fitness requires loads of efforts. And the ones who are serious about have a positive influence on others too, especially on your partner. No matter how lazy routine you have, your fitness freak guy automatically brings a change in you. My boyfriend is a gym freak so here are few things which I am sure all girls with a fitness freak partner can relate to

  • Eggs and oats are two things that you are tired of seeing every time. No more paranthas and buttery things are there for breakfast.
  • Your love for chocolates like dairy milk, kit kats and 5 star turns into protein bars.
  • Weight Machine and measuring tape are always on his bed side.

  • Your phone gallery is full of your guy’s shirtless mirror pictures as gym freaks love gazing at their body every time.
  • Counting calories becomes your daily routine and you don’t eat or drink without checking calories.

  • When planning for future, one thing that is always included in the conversation is your partner’s personal gym and its requirements.
  • Silly fights on food keep going on, you want him to have noodles with you while he keeps himself stick to diet food.

  • The major topics of most of the discussions are about health and gym, romantic chit chats is the second priority.
  • Weekends may include trekking, mountain climbing, going to an adventure club or for a walk in the park.

  • Buying gifts for him is not that challenging as he love all kinds of fitness gear and gadgets.
  • Whenever you wake up in the morning, he is already in the gym for his daily workout.