Lame Excuses to Skip Workout

Lame excuses that we make to not Workout

Though almost every person knows the benefits of exercising but only a few admit it and include it in their daily routine for a healthy lifestyle. There are people who pretend to be serious about working out  but are always ready with lame excuses. We know few such people so we have compiled the list of their  common excuses

  • I can’t afford a gym membership right now. It’s out of my budget; I need to start saving first.
  • I don’t like working out alone. I want a partner to give me company so that I can enjoy doing it.

  • I don’t like sweating hard; it’s too stinky and embarrassing for me.
  • My schedule does not allow me to join the Gym. I really don’t have time to do all this.


  • I feel shy while exercising around the opposite sex. I want a place where only women are allowed.
  • My age does not allow me to do such heavy exercises and I am also a parent so it’s not possible to balance both the responsibilities together.

  • I am too fat, people will laugh seeing me on the treadmill and besides that, I hate running.
  • I will start exercising from summers, winters are not the right weather to do all these things.
  • My health does not allow me to do any kind of workout. Doctors have strictly asked me to avoid it.
  • Exercise does not work, Keto diet is much better and the best way to lose weight.
  • I will start working out from next week post the party.
  • There is no good gym in my area.